About us

AirShroud was created out of a desire for more. More precision, more quality, more technology. Car care was not where it needed to be - for us or our cars. As we watch the company grow, we think we have something to shout about.

Something great, that you will want to share with friends, families, acquaintances. That’s the feedback that we get from our customers – this is what we needed. Luxury, innovative car accessories, for luxury, innovative cars.

Based in the U.K., our experienced team come from a range of backgrounds across the automotive industry. Between us we have many years experience and knowledge – making us a force to be reckoned with. With new AirShroud products in development, we are changing the face of the luxury car accessories industry.


We are passionate about research and knowledge. Our tailored e-car covers are made with incredible attention to detail. The bespoke designs are measured, cut and tested by our experienced team to ensure the highest quality product and fit. Using specialist printing equipment and software, our unique patented design is made to measure and available in the perfect shade to match your car.


When we first came up with the idea of car covers that gave you more, we had no idea how far we would go. Many years ago, all we knew was that the solutions available on the market for covering your car were not practical enough. Further, it didn’t make sense that people would spend plenty of money on their car with all the after-market car care, then leave it exposed and abused by nature and birds. The protection is usually short to medium term requiring constant maintenance, so we searched for a more long term solution.

Then there were those left parked in the open, unused for five days a week. Or those at the other end, who end up defiled and dirty. Wouldn’t it just be better to protect your car properly in the first place? We set to work on developing something that was hassle-free, time efficient and higher quality. Years later- AirShroud was born.