15-18th October Jardine HLS Delivery

Expanding across two continents (Asia and Europe), established in three countries (Hong Kong, Macau, and the UK) and growing its presence in another (China), Jardine Motor Group is no newbie to the motor industry. It'd be a discredit to label them as merely motor retailers! Of course, they do indeed sell cars, and they do so very well, being one of the largest automotive retailers in the UK representing 24 renowned brands across 70 locations throughout England. However, the group offers far more than just your average car sale. Their UK dealerships also provide customers with a range of other services such as, supporting a motability scheme for disabled drivers, running a business fleet service and offering customers MOTs, servicing, maintenance and repairs. Talk about 'doing it all' - jeez!

A few months back, we received a massive order from the award-winning retailers, ordering AirShroud systems for the prestigious brands: Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Maserati, across 12 different locations. The news hit, and Darren (general manager and road trip legend) set himself on a trip across the country to personally deliver the systems around a dozen of their dealerships.

Designed to be user friendly, alongside Darren's demonstrations made it super easy for the teams at JMG to grasp their new piece of tech. The 4 day trip was a knockout!

We can't wait to hear how the JMG's customers react when they experience a new way of reveal.