22nd February Chase Sharpe Kart launch at Reep Midlands

“Ambition is the first place of chasing glory” the words highlighted across the site of a now 8 year old, junior kart racer -Chase sharp. Chase was merely 7 years old when he started testing in a Honda Cadet Kart in March 2017. Young? Yes. But, foreign to the sport? Definitely not. His grandfather raced Classic Touring cars in the 80’s, his father races a classic MG, and his uncle races in the MX5 Supercup. With racing in his blood, it's no surprise that his passion for racing has taken him far, seeing the likes of many sponsors including us here at Airshroud.

Word on the street was Chase was about to preview his new Daniel Ricciardo Series F1 race kart detailed by Reep Midlands. Our ears pricked up at the opportunity to do a reveal. So, on February 22nd we decided to pack up our gear, got in touch with the one and only Gentlemen Racer (Tom Howard) and set ourselves on a little trip down to Leicester to meet the young motorstar down at the Reep HQ.

With Thomas Stone's talented eye behind the lens we were able to take some amazing footage of the reveal of Chase's extremely cool, detailed F1 kart, helmet and race suit (see pictures below); finding out that not only is Chase a star behind the wheel, but also a star in front of the camera. We had a wicked time! Also, receiving a sneak peak of striking supercars being transformed by the creme de la creme of luxury car care specialists.

Special shoutout to the Reep Group team, Tom Howard, Thomas Stone and of course, future f1 racer young Chase… who we’re so excited to support in chas(e)ing his dreams (no pun intended - haha).