25th September Delivery Reep Midlands AMG GT fitted cover
Fancy luxury car care with a VIP experience...? Well, at Reep Midlands that's exactly what you can expect! Formed by leading automotive and car care industry professionals, Reep Midlands is the future of luxury car care, servicing a diverse range of clientele, from hatchbacks and SUVs, to vintage car collections and striking supercars. We were fortunate enough to have partnered up with the amazing Reep Group earlier this year, and since then they've been absolutely loving our Airshroud reveal system! The owners of the company, Pete and Pri have been avid users of our covers and due to them being so highly impressed by our products they let us know that they'd decided to introduce all of their customers to our covers too. This was brilliant news! And, of course, in true Airshroud fashion, we decided to take a road trip (yes, another one) to the Midlands to personally deliver our bespoke indoor fitted Mercedes AMG GT cover to them. After a friendly catch-up and after watching the bespoke cover fitting the AMG GT like a glove, it was obvious that these would be a huge success amongst Reep's clientele. Offering an extra layer of protection to keep cars dust-free and protected, the tailored fitted design "hugged" the motor, accentuating the shape, design and curves of the Mercedes model. We're sure this'll be a hit with their customers! We want to say a big thank you to the Reep Group for all of their support, we'd definitely recommend them if you're luxury car is in need of some TLC! And, we can't wait to see more of our indoor fitted covers being used across the supercar strata!