2nd August The Gentleman Racer Delivery
Assuming you're a pro car lover or simply a fan of Top Gear, "Jeremy Clarkson", "James May" and "Richard Hammond" are names you're probably all too familiar with. Two years back, the trio decided to create an online automotive community platform called Drive Tribe, featuring themed 'tribes' which people can join, post to, live chat with members on and share content with. One of Drive Tribe's members kept catching our eye; he was a dapper chap, a luxury automobile lover, and was both a social media and Youtube sensation. Who? No other than entrepreneur and marketeer Tom Howard aka the man behind The Gentleman Racer. Describing The Gentleman Racer as an "independent specialist in automotive, motorsport and luxury brand exposure, measurement & monetisation" it was clear that Tom was no novice when it came to the automotive industry, his passion and lifestyle gaining him thousands of followers across channel (both socially and across waters). So, as soon as we heard that he had a Jaguar F type, we knew the only plausible thing to do next was to gift him with his own indoor cover. ...But, before we delivered the gift, we wanted to go all out. This was someone who we knew would truly appreciate our product and something he'd use indefinitely! So, just to add a personal touch we even had his Gentleman Racer logo printed on the cover, creating a beautifully bespoke, carefully thought out gift. And, as expected we were not disappointed. The cover complemented his Jag and the uber cool man behind it perfectly. You can check out the pictures of the bespoke print below!