3rd August Santa Pod Raceway with the Cannon Run
If you're not a fan of loud noise then getting tickets for a drag racing event would probably be somewhat close to your worst nightmare. Known as the fastest and loudest motorsport on Earth, drag racing is a form of motor racing which consists of two contestants racing from a standing, side by side across a drag pit to see which can cover a quarter of a mile the fastest. Although, possibly one of the noisiest sports, little noise has been made about the sports' origins. Originating in the USA during the '20s the Moonshine Boys outran the authorities by making their small runabout cars fast and powerful by hiding bigger and more highly tuned engines inside, birthing the Hot Rod. The Hot Rodders would race from one set of lights to the other, and voila drag racing was conceived! Similar to the USA, when drag racing hit the UK in the 1960's many of the old airstrips around the country were converted into drag strips, which is exactly how Santa Pod, home of the FIA European Drag Racing Championships came to be. We got to head down to the infamous drag strip with the Cannon Run to do some reveals and test fittings. Upon arrival it was clear to see why Santa Pod Raceway was so popular amongst drag racing drivers and fans. The raceway built on a disused WW2 airbase once used by the 92nd Bomber Group had tonnes of history, not to mention that it's home to over 50 events, including the Ultimate Street Car Race which was taking place the same day. Alongside Cannon Run we had our Audi A6 Black Edition on the stand and a test fit of the F12 indoor cover on the Cannon Run F12. But, no Airshroud visit ever ends without a groundbreaking reveal, which we also got to do on the Cannon Run Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 attracting a lot of curious onlookers and passersby. An epic day to say the least!