6th February Visit to The Wiesmann Factory and Showroom in Germany

Retro styled roadsters, custom convertibles and vintage Volkswagens infused with state-of-the-art BMW engines is what you'd find at the Dülmen based manufacturer Wiesmann. Known for their bespoke, thoroughbred sports cars with a dose of classic nostalgia, the firm - represented by a gecko graced across the bonnet of their hand-built idiosyncratic motors was inspired by the great British sports cars from the past. Although small and incredibly niche, the cars attracted attention from renowned motor specialists like Jeremy Clarkson. And yet, only four years back the firm almost ended up in the scrap heap... for good.

"All things come to an end", well actually they don't - at least not for Wiesmann who managed to axe the retirement home last year. And, this year they're coming back stronger; with a new model set to be released soon which we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of a few weeks ago, and boy was it something...

We love sports car, we honestly do, and we'd be lying if we were to say anything different. However, even we can admit that sometimes the automotive industry can get somewhat... monotonous. Which is why when we heard Wiesmann had been jump-started there was no question about us setting up a meeting to visit them at their factory in Germany. The opportunity was amazing! We were given a full factory tour, a preview of their new, highly anticipated model (coming out soon), and we were able to perform test reveals on many of their refreshingly unique cars. They loved the reveal system! Extraordinary cars deserve extraordinary reveals! We'd like to believe our covers offer a functional, innovative take on the old non-electrics, which is synonymous to Wiesmann's take on modern classics. The perfect fit! We can't wait for you guys to see what the firm has meticulously put together and hopefully like the gecko that sticks to the walls, this gecko will manage to stick to the motor industry, this time for good!