AirShroud Finale Quick Detailer powered by Auto-Finesse 500 ml


A water-based quick-detailing spray packed with high-grade Carnauba Wax, Finale’s advanced formula is tailor-made to maintain the performance of all our signature waxes and sealants. Detailers love its utterly forgiving nature, sweet maraschino cherry scent, and warm carnauba glow. Unlike most Quick Detailers, Finale does not smear or streak when used in hot, cold, or humid weather conditions. When you need to quickly boost your finish’s protection, this feature makes Finale a joy to use. Finale is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first-time detailers as well. Whether you are removing dust and fingerprints from your beloved show car before an event or giving a vehicle a last buff and inspection before delivering it to a client, Finale provides a beautiful finish to any detailing process.

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