15th and 21st August Launch of McLaren 600Lt with Grange Hatfield McLaren
“Lighter, leaner, meaner” were the very words used to describe what GQ magazine has reviewed as arguably the best McLaren car ever made, the new McLaren 600LT. If you’re familiar with McLaren Automotive’s sports series, then you’ll know that until now there’s only ever been three models in the history of McLaren to receive the LT - ‘longtail’ title... that was until now. Now, McLaren have added a fourth to their longtail series in a mission to push performance and driving to the absolute edge. Noted as a “track animal let loose on the road” this is far beyond any ordinary sports car and many eager beavers have been dying to get a taste of what the lucky few enthusiasts have tested. But, they’ll have to be quick! McLaren have announced that they plan to start producing the 600LTs in October 2018, but that production will last no longer than 12 months. Luckily for us, we didn't have to wait until October to get a peak of the beast that every motor journalist has been raving about. It was our absolute honour to find out that McLaren had chosen to use our reveal cover to unveil the 600LT at their VIP event at Grange's McLaren Hatfield dealership not just once, but twice on both the 15th and 21st August. The launch was of course a roaring success and to onlookers it was no surprise why this new car had been talk of the town! For us, it was truly a beautiful, jaw-dropping moment to watch the Airshroud reveal cover flawlessly unveil an immaculate, innovative design. It was even more of an honour for the Airshroud team, as we believe that technology and carefully crafted designs can create a seamless experience, which is very similar to the concept that went behind creating the 600LT. Hence, why Airshroud reveal complimented the 600LT perfectly, and together made one hell of a statement at the showroom! In addition to the 600LT we were also lucky enough to reveal a very special 720s MSO edition, check out the pictures below!