19th August Wheels at the Warren
One Sunday a month, in the early hours of the morning, an unique car event takes place in the gorgeous grounds of the Warren Estate. An event where an array of classic, sports and supercars are the focal point of conversation as car owners and local enthusiasts get to mingle with likeminded people and exhibit the motors they're most proud of. Intrigued? Well, so were we, so we took a trip down to the picturesque village of Woodham Walter to attend our first ever Wheels at The Warren Event on the 19th August and boy, was it a sight... Vintage, classic and modern motors of all models and sizes decorated the estate lawns creating a symphony of cars. The air full of friendly and casual chatter whilst car fanatics networked amongst themselves and grabbed a cheeky cappuccino or bacon sarnie. It was a truly spectacular morning offering an alternative to your usual formal car shows, which we had become all too used to. It was riveting to see an automotive event which wasn't so formal and more communal, bringing car lovers together in a friendly and open setting. It turned out to be a great morning! The event proving to be great exposure for Airshroud with prime position of the Air Shroud X5. We were also given the opportunity to do a reveal on the lawn of the owner's new Bugatti Chiron, which was further posted by Bugatti themselves (a proud moment - to say the least), as well as a reveal of the ultra-cool, ultra-innovative McLaren 570S Spider. It's safe to say both the cars and the effortless reveal managed to turn some heads! So, if you're looking for a beautiful morning out where you can witness some crazily cool cars then we'd definitely recommend you keep an eye out for the next Wheels at The Warren event! And, oh, we forgot to mention... It's free!